Second Wind, & Replenish, Both Are Now More Valuable Perks.

Mediocre advice here, ultimately Bungie needs to take on board some of the great suggestions in this sub about respawning with a rather extreme zero ammo, which also makes ammo buff perks on armour utterly redundant in PvP. I find running anything other than a sidearm actually puts me at a disadvantage, and my team also suffers as a result. When checking top 3 players on either team it’s either a sidearm or Icebreaker. I’ve enjoyed side arms a l to for a long time, but would rather not be forced to use them.

Replenish: Often when I activate my super, there’s a rush of blood and I push to get kills until my super completely runs out… then find I’m vulnerable and get killed. But be a little less reckless and of course you could get a couple of super kills, and then be left with a full mag of special ammo too.

Second Wind: This is particularly good (a perk on some boots) if you dare to run anything other than a sidearm. Several comments complain about needing to reload when getting to a special crate after respawn. If grabbing that crate within 10s, which happens quite often, then reload is very quick.

Good luck, guardians.

EDIT: Rescue mag can be useful too, but since you need to have the weapon equipped and have ammo in the first place, and either already have ammo for it to be useful or risk running without ammo, you have to rely on taking damage and not dying in the process!

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