Season 4 seems to have secretly changed how rod of asclepius, or more importantly, how antiheal math works.

So, this post isn't a bug awareness thread, it was created on behalf of another thread

Now, whilst testing aphro ult, it occurred to me that, whilst under odin cage, I had rod of asclepius and wasn't getting healed AT ALL.

My first issue is on rod of asclepius vs antiheal, its not additive anymore

I think with the new passive to rod of asclepius it has changed the math calculation of how antiheal and heal boosts are made as typically they were both like 'additives'.

For example, if I had rod of asclepius, I'd have 110% healing, and if affected by odin cage, I'd now have (110 – 100), 10% healing.

However, this is no longer the case, I'd like to hear a Hi-rez employee in this issue because I know for one that Pon Pon responded to a thread one time and he explained this exact math which explained why it was possible for some users to still heal under odin cage – because of rod of asclepius.

So why is it now all of a sudden, we can't heal inside it?

My second issue is aphrodite ult not allowing you to heal for the duration of it to bypass antiheal

Now, going back to aphrodite, I could've sworn her ult for the duration of it, allowed you to heal for 100% which negated any antiheal for that very short time period, however, I cannot replicate it – specifically in jungle practice, I cannot heal at all under odin cage or through high antiheal item passives.

So if there are any aphrodite mains, can some1 maybe tell me I'm not crazy and you know about this mechanic too which seems to have disappeared?

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