Season 4 Ranked Discussion/Rant

As a player who enjoys the ranked side of smite, I find that it’s become one of my most played game modes. I’ve played around 100 ranked games so far this season and am currently in Diamond 3. I currently find that the game quality is getting worse and worse and there are various reasons behind it.

I’m finding that my games are constantly sabotaged by players who are of similar rank but upon seeing their season 3 rank I’m finding that they are way higher than they have ever been placed. (I’m sure everyone is already aware of the awful placements). An example of one of many games would be where I had a player on my team who decided to pick Loki solo. Now I realise Loki isn’t the best pick but when asked to play someone else he just locked in. fair enough. Now to see him go into the game and die 7 times in a 15-minute game where he abandoned solo lane after 3 deaths and simply just troll makes me draw the line. After the game I looked at his account and found he was bronze 4 last season playing in platinum 5 this season.

Many people will argue that these over-ranked players will eventually fall back down to their rightful rank but in reality, games are littered with these players and he is just an example among hundreds of others. Due to there being so many of these players, games turn into whoever has less of them on their team wins. I stress that I’m not blaming the players as its 100% not their fault for being put in games that aren’t of an appropriate level for them, its Hi Rez who have somehow managed to ruin the system. I strongly believe that this system rewards players who can carry/ are lucky enough to get carried by other team mates which I believe is not how a player should be ranked full stop. The ranked system doesn’t reward players who will play solid most games but just because they aren’t going 15-0, carrying their team through the entire game, they don’t get rewarded in the way that someone who’s above the skill level of their game would. Someone could play 10 qualifying games and win 8 let’s say. These games could all be at a gold level but this season, Hi Rez would reward them with a diamond rank. How does carrying a gold level game merit diamond rank?

I also strongly believe that Hi Rez have made a mistake in not setting a requirement of conquest games played prior to playing ranked conquest. For example, a player can reach level 30 playing only arena, joust, assault etc. and not conquest but then can immediately jump into ranked conquest after doing so. This is honestly ridiculous and lowers the quality of games by a huge amount. People could also argue that these players will lose their games and be put in a lower rank. But as I said in my last point, these players are likely to be carried in games and win games they don’t deserve to which thus adds even more imbalance to matchmaking.

At this point, I’ve realised that I probably won’t get much higher than diamond 3 as I’m gaining and losing equal amounts of TP and with these games makes nearly impossible to win consistently. Games are turning a random chance of whether or not you have someone in your game who is over-ranked. Which honestly isn’t how a matchmaking system should work. I realise that it’s difficult to make matchmaking perfect but it’s worse than it was last season and is killing my enjoyment of the game (I also realise its ranked and casuals are there but my competitive edge enjoys ranked more). Overall I just believe that something is wrong and not a lot is being done to fix it and I understand not everyone will agree with me but I’m at the point where I’m that disgusted at my games and the inconsistency of them like 1 game will be ok and the next 5 are stomps because there’s a bronze player that somehow got to diamond (again not their fault).

TL;DR Playing ranked conquest but games aren’t as high quality as they should because hi rez messed up. trying to discuss it.

Not all my arguments are covered in this thread as its kinda hard to put everything into 1 post without taking too long to do so. I also want to stress that I’m not mad and hate the game, I just feel like the ranked system is being ruined. All feedback is welcomed as I’d like to hear about and discuss other people’s opinions on this situation as I feel like something needs to be done to save ranked xD.

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