Searching for passionate RP-Players to create a whitelisted server!

Hello fellow Exiles,

first of, excuse my bad english, i try as good as i can.


Some friends an I have put a lot of thoughts into opening a pure RP-PvPvE server with a set amount of "rules" to keep things fair and flowing.

Sadly the people i had planed to do it with jumped of the CE bandwagon and don't want to play the game anymore (ark tek tier is so coooooooool, fuck CE…. smh)

I love CE (despite beeing a total noob) and still want to realise the server we had envisioned.


I put tons of hours on different amazing Atlis Life servers aswell as in other RP games, where i take all my experience from. I know that CE can't be compared in anyway to Arma3, but in the end, the RP aspect is the same.


I won't go into to much detail because that would take ages to write. As well, all of this is a work in progress and just ideas atm, things can change, that's why i would like to team up with people who want to bring in their own ideas.


The idea was to build a big city as a community hub where every clan can have his own district (not sure if the games limitation supportes such a large build atm, because it would mean that land claiming would have to be completely turned off).

This town would be a total PvE zone that is used to socialize, trade and meet new people. That would be the main RP-PVP aspect. (settling in the city is not mandatory)

Outside of the city wall thou, there is a dangerous no-mans-land, where everybody is on his own and many danger await (from the monsters of the game itself to random special events that the admins iniciate). Aswell players are free to build a base in the wasteland.

Apart from the town there would be other special things like arenas, taverns, trading outposts etc, that are used as "save havens"

RP would not be restricted in any big way. There would just be certain rules that would not alow people to abuse RP for PvP.


So, alot of it is still in planing, but with such a big scope i know that i can not build, and run such a server alone. Because of this I am searching for German and/or English speaking people who truly want to RP and want to be part of something bigger.

ATM i am not searching for players, i search for partners who want to work hand in hand to make something amazing.

No ideas are set, and I would really like ideas and contribution from other peopel 🙂


The cost of the server will be carried for the start alone by me


If this interessts you, please feel free to PM me or add me on Steam (Username: mikehit)

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