SE Store Black Box order canceled without notice, now told I have to create a new order…

So, to explain what happened up to this point:

• On December 4th 2016, pre-orders for the Nier Automata Black Box edition went live on the European Square Enix store. I immediately placed my order, and all was fine. <Proof: >

• On February 21st, I received an email telling me the order would be debited on the 24th. <Email: >

• And then… nothing. Normally I receive an email telling me the order is completed (or unsuccessful). <Like this: – different order, but just an example>

• However, on March 1st I still didn't get any such e-mail. Wondering what was going on, I log into my account and see that my order status is now "canceled." <Proof: >

Confused, I make a ticket asking what is going on. Here's the full conversation with the customer support representative up to this point (sensitive information omitted):

<Note that I got a private order URL but I can't order because no stock at the moment. — >

I understand that the first response I'm going to get is "Well, they say they tried to collect the payment but weren't able to. So it's your problem." However, understand that I didn't receive a single e-mail telling me there was an issue until I made a ticket myself. Also, the order was to be paid with my PayPal balance, which is more than sufficient. So there really shouldn't have been an issue collecting the payment whatsoever.

So, long story short: I put in a pre-order and due to an issue with their payment system my order got canceled and allocated to someone else. Now I'm forced to put in a new order when they get stock again in the following days. If they even get stock again…

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