Rupee Making 101 (No story spoilers)

just thought id share how im making deliciously phat stacks of Rupees to fund some of the more expensive things in the game

In the very south east of the map there is Hateno Town

-A farmer up on the large hillside pitching hay under a horse stable who offers a mini-game to hunt deer that can be spammed and will reward you with 5 rupees or 20 rupees depending on the number of deer you kill in the time limit (ive only ever killed 8 deer so i dont know if theres a larger reward)

You will then want to use all of the meat you acquired to make meat skewers, just hold 5 meat of the same type and cook it.

The ones made from the deer meat sell for just north of 200 rupees (i want to say 210 but i forget) and the boar meat ones sell for 120 or so

  1. accept quest
  2. commit deer genocide for a few minutes
  3. ????
  4. Profit

To make this as quick and lucrative as possible you'll want to use one of the 3 shot spread bows (they only consume a single arrow) but if you cant find one its no big deal, the spread just makes it easier to run through and quick scope the deer

You can also stack stealth buffs. that or wear the full Sheikah set, hell, make a stealth potion or some stealth food while your at it!

With JUST the sneak bonus from the armor set you can jog almost right up on the deer before they react to you making for easy kills

You can easily make multiple thousands of Rupees in less than 10 minutes once you get the rhythm down as the deer tend to always spawn in the same area

Happy hunting!

Edit: Formatted for easier reading

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