RP/PVP is a joke and this needs to be addressed.

So last night I decided to check out a few RP servers, choose the right filter and everything.

I get on the server and all seems fine, until chat popped up. A dude was offline raided. I chatted back "thought this was an rp server, that doesn't seem to rp". The dude chatted back that he agreed of course lol.

Another piped in saying it was RP/pvp and that rp was optional. Now here is the issue with that. The filter is not rp optional, it's RP. Now I can't speak for the locked ones, but everyone at the top of the list was like this. If it is optional RP, anyone who chooses to RP is gonna get rekt since the majority want real and full pvp, and if it's allowed that is what you will get.

That means there is no RP, you can simply act like an idiot while everyone else pvps.

So why are full pvp servers hiding as rp servers. you're not rp if there are not rule and the majority is not rping. RP can not be optional on an rp server..but yes pvp has to be enabled for rp..but not so you can play it as a normal server. Battle and fights to the death are part of rp, but under a rule set.

I am not an rp player,it was simply late and I wanted to fuck around after watching a stream my buddy shared..the dudes sucked so bad at rp, i thought I could enjoy some laughs and explore casually for an hour before bed since my server was down.

Now I want to fight for the RP player, as this is meant to be their space. A place where they can go and rp with like minded people..they choose that filter for a reason. There Is no such this a pvp/rp server, you can no choose to do one or the other and expect rp to be a real thing that takes place. As an rp player will be the 1st to get fucked with but the pvp players.

You wouldn't be able to build rp, you would have to build pvp smart and you couldn't have rp interactions as there is a better chance you'll be kos. This filter need to direct players to true RP, there are enough pvp filters already that they shouldn't infect the rp filter with the bullshit rp/pvp crap.

All that said, I now want true rp server. if anyone has one please hook me up..would prefer a locked server with a proper rule set. No optional rp, just rp as that is why i choose that filter and why i am sure many others do as well. Sorry for the rant, this just really annoyed me this morning before sleep.

I will make you cry on a pvp server, I love pvp…but an rp server is not the place for full unrestricted pvp of offline raiding. And there is no such thing as pvp/rp..pvp/rp is just pvp period. And servers who are pvp/rp need to be removed from that filter. While still allowing rp servers to have pvp enabled for their rp's.

End of rant.

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