Roofing is frustrating/buggy

Two big issues I'm having with placing roof tiles (to be clear, I am not talking about ceiling tiles which tend to be extremely straightforward and functional):

1) With the current tile placing/replacing mechanic roof pieces can be very difficult to work with even when the game thinks your action is valid. Part of this is symptomatic of the whole system – placing tiles, especially ones sensitive to rotation, can be a painful – part of it is particular to where roof tiles are placed and the angles at which they sit. It can be difficult to get the correct angle on a tile to place it, and once placed, if you need to dismantle it, it's very hard to do from anywhere near the roof's geometric plane; you need to be significantly perpendicular to have a chance to interact with it AND be within range, which for dismantling is way too close.

2) Roof tiles will frequently refuse to be placed unless there is a ceiling tile underneath them which you can immediately remove with no bad effects. I hate this a lot for obvious reasons. It seems like a bug.

I am sure the team is working constantly on the overall system; hopefully this feedback is helpful.

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