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We all know what it's like to be new to something. Getting into RP can seem like an incredibly daunting tasking with no real starting point, howerver, that's not the case. The world of roleplay is a wonderful, easy aspect of the game that anyone can get into. Roleplay (RP) is something that allows you to realize all of the great bits of imagination you’ve poured into playing the game. Most of us have our one main character that we started the game with, some of us have created stories for that character. Where are they from? What is their place in the world? RP breathes new life into your experience with this character (or characters), and adds a sense of depth, scale and community that only roleplay can provide. We’re here to spread the word that creating your own adventures is an absolute blast, and you can join in too.

Roleplay in WoW? How does that work?

When you select your realm of choice, the “(RP)” tag isn’t just for show. It’s to indicate that you’re entering a realm that encourages you to create a persona of your character, and interact with others not as yourself sitting in the chair playing WoW, but as the character itself.

How does that work if we’ve all come from the same place? Won’t all characters have the same “story?”

Not necessarily! Warcraft lore is a rich source of potentially cool concepts. The advantage of roleplaying on World of Warcraft versus other games, is that the Warcraft lore is easy to get started on because the timeline of events is shorter than lengthier universes, like Elder Scrolls or Warhammer 40k. You can place your character on any reasonable point in this timeline, and start their story anywhere in the world, completely constructing your story from scratch.

Don’t you have to have perfect grammar or be an English major to fully enjoy roleplay?

Not at all! People will want to roleplay with you because of how you interact with them, not because of your punctuation. If you roleplay as a stinky dwarf hobo with a serious snuff problem, you’re going to be the talk of the town. Hell, your lack of capital letters could be passed off as your character’s “accent” if they had one!

I’m interested in Roleplay, but don’t know that much about lore. Don’t I need to be an expert in Warcraft history to properly RP?

Think of it this way: Your character could either be an old, knowledgable and experienced badass who’s seen it all and has a craving for adventure. If this were the case, it would help to read anything about the areas or events your character might have been involved in. Your character could be a fresh new adventurer, ready to experience the world for the first time, only slightly aware of what’s happened in the past. That is for you to decide, but you are not required to know the ins and outs of everything that's happened so far.

How can I get started with Roleplay?

Well, the first thing you’re going to want to do is find yourself an RP server. The most active are Wyrmrest Accord (RPPvE), Moon Guard (RPPvE) and Emerald Dream (RPPvP). However there are others out there, so your choices are not limited to those three and you might find smaller communities more suitable for you. You might want to check out /r/WoWRoleplay for EU servers.

Here are some resources for you to get started!

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