Revenant / Bloody Grave mechanics

So I've done a ton of experimentation with revenants / bloody graves. I've been making random comments on both Twitch streams and reddit and figured I should make a centralized post of this info.

Apologies if this seems a bit unfocused, just going to be listing lots of things I've figured out.

  • There is a hard 5 minute cooldown on downloading grave data. There is no way to get around this limitation in-game. Switching from mission to mission quickly will cause no graves to be loaded in the mission.
  • You can however, get around the cooldown by restarting the game completely. IE: go to a shrine to force a save, then close the application and start it again.
  • If you start a mission and are on cooldown, the game will automatically attempt to download graves once the cooldown is up.
  • Interacting with a shrine or dying will cause the game to attempt to download grave data. Unlike starting a mission however, this won't be queued to do so once it can.
  • You can safely interact with a shrine over and over to try and get the game to download new grave data, it won't affect the cooldown unless it actually can download new grave data.
  • Every mission has its own grave list, including difficulty. IE: Isle of Demons and the NG+ Isle of Demons have their own grave lists.
  • Each mission has a limit to the number of graves it will show for the entire mission. It will populate the level with a limited number of graves closest to the last shrine you interacted with, or near the start of the mission when first starting it.
  • Since there is a limit to the number of graves in an area, new graves created by players dying push old graves out of availability. I personally call this "cycling" but there's probably a better word for it.
  • The more frequently players die in a level, the faster older graves become unavailable.
  • You generally only need to die once to create a grave.
  • After you die, it can be a minimum of several minutes for it to appear for others. This seems to be affected by region and activity– on the weekends it has taken over 30 minutes for a grave to show up.
  • You can kill the revenant from the exact same player grave as many times as you'd like, so long as you can get it to show up.
  • Developer revenants have a red name and will not have a date/time.
  • Developer revenants will not show up again when killed until the mission is restarted completely.
  • There is no limit to how old a player grave can be for it to show up, so long as it hasn't been cycled out.
  • Gear a revenant drops will drop as the original version of the item before any refashioning/reforging/inheriting applied.
  • Gear will drop at the level the revenant has it at, but without any plus level attached. IE 150+10 will appear as 150.
  • Gear that is past level 150 will drop at level 150. IE 320 will appear as 150.
  • Gear that developer revenants have equipped have random rarities, determined on mission start.
  • There are developer revenants who have unique gear not found anywhere else.
  • There is a bug in some cases where gear won't have any effects attached aside from its set and fixed effects.

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