Requests from a frequent Visitor

I've been doing an assload of Nioh co-op. AN ASSLOAD. In my time doing so, I've encountered a lot of… problems, so to speak, when out assisting people. So, from a visitor to a summoner, here are my requests

  • Please light the bonfires for Umi-Bozu. Please. Umi-Bozu isn't even that a hard a boss, but every time I get summoned for him the host dies because they don't bother to light the bonfires and they get blindsided by the baby bozus.
  • Please use visitor's talismans if you're halfway through the level but nowhere near the boss. Hell, just use visitor's charms in general. We get split up, and you're getting bukkaked by about four ninja yoki? Visitor's charm. My dumb ass falls into a gangbang hole in one mission? Visitor's charm.
  • Please stop debuffing enemies that I've just debuffed. Like… seriously. I always feel the urge to Fragment out when I apply Sloth and defense down to a boss, only for my host, who witnessed me apply those debuffs, cast them again. By all means, reapply them once they're almost out, but RIGHT after I do it? Blergh
  • Finally, stop getting yourself killed trying to use quickdraw or Sword of Meditation. I get it, they look really cool, and they hit hard, but I've seen countless hosts get curbstomped because they chose either of those moves over simply pushing heavy attack once or twice. Don't do it.

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