Requesting help for tips on the natural progression of the game.

I really like Nioh, but whenever I look up guides they seem to be tailored for people who have the game completed, with farming and gear tutorials revolving end game mechanics. I have recently found out that I will not be able to soul match my equipment as I naturally progress as this will cost too much gold.

My inquiries within this thread are this: Are there any guides that anyone can point me to that address how to approach the game from a progression standpoint while going through the beginning of the game, or any tips you as players have for people like me who want to treat this game as a story based game, not a stats based RPG game. I feel this game is too linear for me to stay interested once I have completed it. I plan to platinum it if it doesn't prove too time consuming, but I don't want to spend unnecessary time messing around with the endless intricacies of gear customization. I do get the mechanics, but it seems they require way too much farming to make them viable for an approach of just naturally progressing through story.

I'm sorry if I'm not too clear here. Just let me know if you need clarification. Thanks ahead of time.

Tl;Dr: I'm wondering what the most optimal way to progress through the game is that doesn't require farming to allow the freedom of resources that is required for the level of customization this game offers.

Clearly customization is a major strong point of this game, but again, I feel I will lose interest in the "depth" this game offers once I complete the linear storyline.

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