Request: Extraction

Proposal: Extract sound files from program Nier: Automata, more specifically, sound files associated with opening menu and receiving a transmission, in order to further upgrade the performance of Pod type "cell phone".

Alert: Unit Zansacu is not equipped with hardware required for this task!

Suggestion: Ask local residents for assistance.

Report: As per the proposal of units u/Aemony and u/c0d3s1ing3r, this unit has attempted to find the required files among several thousands of similar data found at this location. However, this unit has failed to find files of the required or even similar type as requested. Most files found and identified were classified as "voices", "background and ambient noises", "music" and "moaning".

Suggestion: The last two types of files should be separated and saved as protected data for relaxation and the latter also as a resource for unit type "sfm animators" and other scientific purposes.

Report: Thanks to efforts of unit u/bobsixtyfour, the requested sound files have been obtained and have significantly enhanced the performance of this unit's Pod type "cell phone".

Proposal: Other units should also use this sound data to enhance the performance of their Pods. The data will be available below this message.

Incoming Call

Opening Menu

This unit would like to thank all units participating in the completion of this request for their assistance.

Thank you.

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