[Repost] Tips for newbie YoRHa soldiers (Spoiler-free beginner guide)

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Hey all! I just managed to complete the entire game last night without assistance from any guides whatsoever. Starting the game out again, I realized that there are a number of things that could have helped ease me into the world in terms of mechanics, so I thought of sharing a few tips for you guys still waiting for the NA release.

No worries, these tips cover just the starting parts of the game as well as a few things that might fly over your head once you're thrust into the huge game world. Nothing specific really, just some things that might make starting out easier for you all. Let's get to it.

Prioritize plugin chip expansions

Once you reach the resistance camp, you will have access to merchants. One of those merchants will sell you special abilities for your Pod as well as plugin chip expansions. Thought it may be tempting to burn all your cash on recovery items or special abilities, I strongly suggest that you invest on chip slots first. Once you hit the slot cap, you're pretty much set.

Watch what you fuse

You'll notice that there are some chips with diamonds beside them. This means that those chips have the lowest cost in their rank and category. For example, a basic Weapon ATK Up +1 chip may have a cost of , whereas a Weapon ATK Up +1 chip with a diamond may have a cost of . Later during your run you may suddenly have a surplus of chips and would want to begin fusing them immediately. Be mindful of your fusions. Don't fuse diamond ranked chips with ones that have a high cost because that will render the diamond's cost worthless. Instead, try to fuse them with another diamond cost chip or the lowest one you have.

Movement Speed Capacity

Movement speed chips cap at 20%, so you might want to keep this in mind when fusing. I currently run a +2 and +4 chip in my newest playthrough which gives me 8% and 12% respectively.

Sell specific items immediately

If an item says "can be sold for gold", sell it, unless if it's a mackerel, in which case save first then eat it. Trust me, you won't need those items for anything else.

Advanced Combat Maneuvers

I don't think the game really explains this at all, but there are additional things you can do during combat, like holding down the square or triangle button to perform a special move using your weapons. I won't go into complete detail what those maneuvers are; just knowing that you can do moves other than mashing buttons should allow you to experiment. Break a leg.

Glide using your pod

Fall damage is very real in this game. The moment you jump from a really high place, your character will assume this weird YOLO spread eagle dive position as you plummet to the ground, which will render some significant damage. Avoid this from happening by gliding using your pod (hold the jump button). Additional tip: you can perform a spinning kick attack while attached to your pod. Also, your pod can still fire off rounds even with you attached to it. Give it a whirl.

Equipping DLC items

So you got Grimoire Weiss or other Pod skins but no idea how to equip them. It's easy! Go to the items section in the pause menu and navigate to the key items field. You'll see your DLC there. Equip it.

Go back to the factory

Remember where you first encountered the huge tanker robot in the abandoned factory? Go back there and retrieve your corpse. You'll be able to get all your items as well as your Virtuous Treaty.

Don't be shy to use Easy mode

For a time I got tired of abusing my controller, so I gave in and used easy mode for the auto chips. Although they do make the game a whole lot easier by making your character move like a god, it doesn't feel completely broken. So if you're not really action savvy or tired of pressing buttons and want to take a break for a while, do so. A word of warning, though: if you're going to switch the difficulty back to any other mode other than easy, the system will automatically shift your chips into a balanced setting. Make sure you select a skill slot you don't use first before switching over. It will automatically remove the autochips from all your settings anyway.

Self-destruct responsibly

Yeah yeah, I know the first thing you want to do is blow yourself up the moment you're able to do so, but do it responsibly. Self-destructing takes approximately two seconds to resolve, in which case you will be rendered defenseless for a few moments, with your HP dropping down to the lowest point possible. If you're thinking of doing it in front of enemies, DON'T. After engaging self-destruct, make sure you pop a few recovery units and wait until your gear appears.

Take your time, but don't take too long

This game is LONG, trust me. Don't spend all your time hanging out trying to complete each and every side quest imaginable during your first few hours. Let the story unfold. I promise you that you'll have your chance to clear all of them, but for now you'll just have to take my word for it.

So that's pretty much everything I can share without stepping into some spoiler landmines. Good luck, have fun and we'll see your dead bodies at random in-game.

Glory to mankind.

Bonus Notes:

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Proposal: Rub the touch pad to increase affinity between Pod and YoRHa units.

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