Region Lock is unfair to anyone in the Middle East.

Now before the flame even starts… I knew this was coming a week before it happened as my Reddit post history shows. The issue was addressed by Devs saying "Officials won't be region locked". I left it there. The Middle East consisting of about a dozen countries ,and millions of people is on the continent of Asia, however timezone and ping wise it is IMPOSSIBLE to play on any kind of Asian server official or not. People have refuted our need to get on EU officials with the usual buy a server, your poor, fix your country or the play unofficials speels. I get it. The thing is unofficials are also region locked in alot of cases. EU players are scared of the Russians and Chinese and I can't fault them for what server settings they choose on their own private servers. However Official servers should be open for all. It's where we ping better and its really the only logical place to play. No major game has Middle Eastern servers our region doesn't warrant them, but if you're going to group us off on another region pick the right one. The amount of hatred an racism I've seen spewed behind this topic is pretty unbelievable, but my region is being punished for stuff we had no part in we can't play on NA servers anymore than we can on Asian ones. I'm only writing again because I saw did an article and failed to touch on some of us being left out in the cold in a sense. Private servers should be the place you go if you want gameplay restricted/altered in anyway… I truley believe Officials should be open for all and considering how out of the 200000 issues the game has, PC gaming sites are running this one. I think Funcom should admit their mistake and clean this up.

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