Regarding “vigilante griefing”

Earlier today, I was approached by a handful of players about a base that is hoarding approximately thirty vehicles on a PvE server. Their idea is to put together as many materials required to surround the base with small shacks, so as to eliminate the possibility of those hoarders from continuing to gather more vehicles and perhaps also preventing them from leaving the base for additional wrenches.

Griefing sucks. I've been a victim countless times in the past and still experience non-targeted griefing today (such as blocking a road with workbenches or walling off a loot spot with foundations). Given the extremity with which griefing still exists, it seems DGC is uninclined to address it. In this instance however, based on the obvious impact these hoarders are having on a medium-pop PvE server, it's almost warranted.

My concern is, would such vigilante justice be disciplined by DGC? Would DGC perceive this as some sort of "hate crime" because these players are predictably of a different ethnicity?

To be clear, this is not a declaration of an intent on my part. I'd like to keep playing this game on my terms rather than being banned for it. I'd just like to know, for the sake of those involved, and for myself (should I supply materials for these players to do whatever they choose to do with them), if this is a bannable action.

I'm not ashamed for contemplating whether I should lend a hand or not. This is something DGC should be handling themselves and instead, we the players are left to cope with large clans that overwhelm servers, particularly PvE servers, by hoarding copious amounts of vehicles (among other nonsense).

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