Regarding loot (Rant)

Once again, the loot was supposedly brought down. It's been around 6 hours if not less since the servers have been online after the wipe, I've had friends that managed to get over 500 rifle ammo so far. I've seen people raid and have been raided myself, which would have required over 60 IED.

One Bumjick Farm run is giving me around 15 Fertilizer if not more, every 5~8 minutes.

I honestly enjoy this game to a certain extent and have been since it first came out, but the since you upgraded the loot a couple months ago, it just went to sh*t, for a lack of a better word.

Bumjick is already completely filled with bases of 4 to 6 ground tampers, completely finished, and it's been online for around 6 hours.

The ease you can get a base done, enough ammo to not even worry about it, and over 100 explosives is just insanely ridiculous.

It blows my mind how EASILY you can get fully geared, with hundreds of ammo's of every kind, especially rifle ammo, which is supposed to be somewhat rarer than other I'd imagine. I ran through Ranchito and I looted over 15 rifle ammo, it's just INSANE.

You can get over 100 scrap metal just by running through some abandoned cars every now and then. Ranchito's Romero spawns like 7 to 9 crowbars every 5 minutes.

I just wanted to share my experience, give some feedback, and why this time around is probably the last time I'll be playing the game.

Care to admit it or not, the loot is still insanely good, which takes out the survival aspect of the game completely. By now, the game is more of an exploit simulator, than anything else to be honest. People are exploiting bugs I'm not even sure the devs are aware of.

You're focusing non-essential stuff like the god damn weather, who even cares for it besides the PvE players who probably enjoy a better looking game?

It honestly blows my mind how people who have a game like to work on, prioritize cosmetics, weather, and whatnot over essential bug fixing, and actual balance. I'm legit not sure if you guys even test the loot rates before deploying a patch. If the test server is purely what you're using to check if the loot rate is good or not, it's not a real test.

Anyhow, just a little rant on why a really good game at first, became the sh*t fest it is nowadays.

If I'd have anything to suggest, and if it were to be read and actually considered by someone who actually works on the game, I'd suggest, bring the loot WAY down. This ain't a survival game right now, nor is it anything to be honest, but a "try and exploit more than the next person" game, if that makes any sense.

There you have it, advice from a person who has played this game over 4k hours in groups, solo, anything you'd imagine.

TL;DR: The loot spawns are still insanely op, taking out the survival aspect of the game, and completely ruining the fun for groups lower than 4 people.

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