reflection on 100% completion of open beta

it was pretty much what i expected except for a few things that i really didn't like:

1: rebels/ghosts should take full control of a base after the cartel/government is kicked out. it's really annoying to take over a base and leave only for your enemy to regain control and reinstall all of their bullshit like drone jammers, SAMs, etc. it really feels like i just wasted my time, and it goes against the overarching story of the ghosts helping the rebels take over. how are the rebels gonna take over if they do absolutely nothing to take over an empty base ripe for the picking? why are we even helping them if they don't do anything? the rebels might as well not exist as it stands, because the only purpose they serve in the game is support through the radial menu, and pretty much everything they do can be accomplished by a blackhawk gunship.

2: the vehicle controls can be a bit annoying, especially when using a heli. there's really no good way to go fast with it. if you do shift+w you practically go into a nose dive, for example. also the cars don't turn very well.

3: teammate bots are really only good for sync shots, and i often found myself only using them as a distraction and as revivers, if i wasn't telling them not to do anything at all. their incredible lack of ability to kill efficiently lead to many deaths and failed missions.

4: i would really like it if i could use the patrol cap, goggles, AND the headset. as it stands you can do goggles + hat, goggles + headset, or hat + headset. this obviously means that none of the items conflict with each other, and it was likely some sort of an error that doesn't allow them to all be worn at the same time. please correct that error!

5: shemagh texture for the stripey scarf would be pretty cool. as it stands the stripey scarf looks dumb, and there is no shemagh mask, so having the shemagh texture as an alternative would be neat.

6: there needs to be some sort of AA weapon like an RPG or something similar that you have by default to deal with helis. it was really annoying having to spray helis forever before i got the grenade launcher, and even then it's a pain for reasons that follow.

7: remove grenade lag. idk why but my frags and my grenade launcher go off way after they are supposed to. sometimes i wait a solid 30 seconds before my grenade goes off, and this really throws off gameplay and can get you shot. not to mention i just wasted a grenade because the enemies have all ran off.

8: camo should matter. why do we even have 6 clothing loadouts if clothing options have 0 impact? an addition could be made that makes visual detectability hinge on propper camo based on the region.

9: the 416 shouldn't be the statistically worst AR in the game, but rather, another option. i noticed this when i picked up the tavor and compared the stats of the two and realized that the tavor is either better than or equal to in every respect! there were no downsides, it was objectively better.

10: rather than camo presets and a few camo options per part in the parts menu, just make the parts menu offer all camo options, and also allow the upper and lower recievers to be selected from the parts menu. this UI tweak will make assigning camos much easier.

11: boss reward weapons should reward you with parts, a gun, and a camo, rather than a preset configuration. as it stands i have no interest in using a preset build, especially when most have no silencer.

12: silencer is relatively op. there is no reason not to use a muzzle device other than the silencer in my eyes. the pros vastly outweigh the cons. however, i don't think it should be nerfed. instead, alternative muzzles need to buffed.

13: car ordering should allow you to pick a specific vehicle.

14: server browsers and custom servers should be a thing, as well as at least basic game modability.

15: first person. i don't care about actual first person animations, in fact i'd prefer it if the first person view used the world model animations, although others might disagree. i think that this game could really benifit from the first person perspective.

TLDR: little improvements can go a long way

that's all i can really think of. discuss!

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