Reference of materials needed for armor upgrades

I haven't found a convenient list of materials I should be saving for future armor upgrades, so I decided to create and share one. With this list you can search by Material or Armor set to discover what you should or shouldn't be throwing into the cooking pot. Also included is cheeky commentary on what you'll need for each set.

Hylian Set: Bokoblin bits and a fat stack of Amber

  • Bokoblin Horn x39

  • Bokoblin Fang x45

  • Bokoblin Guts x60

  • Amber: x45

Stealth Set: The full gamut of stealth boosting ingredients

  • Blue Nightshade x24

  • Sunset Firefly x15

  • Silent Shroom x24

  • Sneaky River Snail x15

  • Stealthfin Trout x30

  • Silent Princess x15

Soldier Set: Enough monster trim to make your butcher green with envy or chlorosis

  • Chuchu Jelly x15

  • Bokoblin Guts x15

  • Keese Eyeball x9

  • Moblin Guts x9

  • Lizalfos Tail x9

  • Hinox Guts x3

  • Lynel Hoof x6

  • Lynel Guts x6

Zora Set: Lizalfos and fish filets, plus a cart of Opals

  • Lizalfos Horn x9

  • Lizalfos Talon x15

  • Hyrule Bass x15

  • Lizalfos Tail x45

  • Hearty Bass x15

  • Opal x45

Flamebreaker Set: Fire resistant animals plus beefy monster cuts

  • Fireproof Lizard x12

  • Moblin Horn x6

  • Moblin Fang x12

  • Smotherwing Butterfly x24

  • Moblin Guts x9

  • Hinox Guts x6

Snowquill Set: Red menaces, sun loving plants, and a handful of Rubies

  • Red Chuchu Jelly x24

  • Warm Safflina x9

  • Fire Keese Wing x24

  • Sunshroom x15

  • Red Lizalfos Tail x30

  • Ruby x15

Desert Voe Set: Chips of icy monsters, plus a few precious Sapphires

  • White ChuChu Jelly x24

  • Ice Keese Wing x24

  • Icy Lizalfos Tail x39

  • Sapphire x15

Radiant Set: Escalating levels of Luminous Stones and Monster Guts

  • Luminous Stone x129 (Ledo, you jerk!)

  • Bokoblin Guts x9

  • Moblin Guts x9

  • Molduga Guts x6

  • Lynel Guts x3

Rubber Set: Shockingly, yellow materials are needed

  • Yellow Chuchu Jelly x24

  • Voltfruit x15

  • Zapshroom x15

  • Yellow Lizalfos Tail x45

  • Topaz x30

Climber's Set: Colorful Keese Wings on speed… boosts

  • Keese Wing x9

  • Rushroom x9

  • Electric Keese Wing x15

  • Hightail Lizard x15

  • Ice Keese Wing x15

  • Hot-Footed Frog x30

  • Fire Keese Wing x15

  • Swift Violet x45

Barbarian Set: Become a little Lynel man *Plus a horn from each dragon

  • Lynel Horn x12

  • Lynel Hoof x18

  • Lynel Guts x9

  • Shard of Dinraal/Faron/Naydra's Horn x1 each

Ancient Set: Ancient Fragments, obviously

  • Ancient Screw x15

  • Ancient Spring x60

  • Ancient Gear x30

  • Ancient Shaft x45

  • Ancient Core x15

  • Star Fragment x3

  • Giant Ancient Core x6

Fierce Deity Set: A dozen legendary bodyparts from ancient dragons, mixed with a buttload of huge toenails, guts and teeth, ew.

  • Hinox Toenail x15

  • Shard of Dinraal/Faron/Naydra's Scale x1 each

  • Hinox Tooth x15

  • Shard of Dinraal/Faron/Naydra's Claw x1 each

  • Hinox Guts x15

  • Shard of Dinraal/Faron/Naydra's Fang x1 each

  • Lynel Guts x15

  • Shard of Dinraal/Faron/Naydra's Horn x1 each


First draft was taken straight from the IGN wiki and not verified by me. I reccommend that you check there if you want more detailed information about the sets and their upgrade requirements. My google-fu was not strong enough to find any other resource.

Thanks to /u/Zacko_ for Fierce Diety information and /u/Simo_393 for finishing the Ancient list!

I'm missing info on the Amiibo sets, which for the most part can be upgraded. Feel free to share your knowledge, however it seems that materials are in the realm of things that don't just fall in your lap.

Materials that are used to upgrade multiple armor sets: Guts from Bokoblins, Moblins, Hinoxes, and Lynels; Lynel Hoof s; Lizalfos Tails; Fire, Ice and Electric Keese Wings; Anything that falls off of a Dragon

The further down the list you read, the further down the bottle I was. Sorry.

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