Reddit Twitch event is now LIVE! Check this post for official rules as well as instructions on how to enter!


  • Official Reddit Livestream with reddit admin Br00d!
  • Stream starts at 2PM PST / 10PM GMT
  • Each game will consist of 3 randomly selected users pulled from the draw. The 4th will be br00d.
  • After the end of each game, the 3 users will be removed, a new draw will be opened, the 3 people pulled will play the next game. This will happen until we run out of time.


What if we die early?/ What are the conditions for a round replay?

  • A technical issue in the pre-game lobby. Stream issue/Someone lags out
  • The entire team dies within 5 mins of the chute/drop
  • Note: Dying past these points will count as your team's chance, 3 new people are then picked



  • You understand that your voice will be streamed on the livestream, for the period of the round.
  • ANY breaking of rules, that are against the subreddit rules and/or Twitch ToS, will result in you being removed from the channel and dealt with accordingly. Speak with respect and quality call-outs.
  • Please make sure your computer can handle BATTLEGROUNDS relatively well, we don't want the team to be filled with lag.


Got it, so… how do I enter the draw?

  1. Understand the above rules, as well as the rules of our Subreddit, Discord, and Reddit as a whole.
  2. Join the #reddit-event channel in discord.
  3. Type !g participate <name>
    • Replace <name> with the name of the giveaway we mention (no carrots)
    • If the drawing name is Game1, you would type exactly: !g participate Game1
  4. If selected, you will be assigned the Reddit Event role
  5. Once the role is applied to your name, join ?Waiting Room? at the top of the voice channel list
  6. Once it is your turn, you will be moved into the ?Reddit Event? Channel by a mod

I hope everyone who participates in or watches the event will have a great time!

Thanks and good luck!!

Discord link:

Stream link:

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