Reddit response to For honor team updates is cringeworthy

Seriously guys?

They are doing a normal weekly update as planned, and you are whining for them doing this instead of fixing networking problems?

Do you have any idea about basic fundamentals in working on a development team or doing releases? The people who work on emotes etc. ARE NOT the networking specialists. The people who work on the networking issues are doing exactly that, but that doesn't mean that the whole other team should stop doing what they are doing, and IT IS GOOD that people without the expertise ARE NOT working on networking issues.

I applaud the For honor team for delivering scheduled updates and working on the game as we can see from the fix deployed yesterday also, even if it didn't resolve the issues, it certainly means they are making progress getting there. They have listened to the community well and are aiming for the best result.

"Why do we then have these issues?" Well unfortunately working on developing something you still have your management and deadlines. In a company like Ubisoft they demand you to get shit released, even if it has flaws. Don't shit on the For honor team for this, they are on your side.

TLDR; Stop whining at For honor team making normal content updates and maintenance, because that's what they are supposed to do.

EDIT: Since so many have hard times understanding this post: Yes, it is perfectly fine to give negative feedback for the networking issues, this post isn't about that, this post is about people calling out the team for doing normal maintenance and releasing other stuff, which has nothing to do with networking.

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