Rebalance the S.A.V.A.G.E.S system

Having to explain the attribute system to a friend, playing ingame, and various deals have made me come to realize the current system is rather flawed and could use some changes. But given a previous reply about SAVAGES being Joel's pet project I wanted to keep within his theme and wording, while cleaning up and making things more streamlined for now and future additions down the road in early access.

S. StrengthAffects Melee Damage, Resource Gathering, Ranged Damage, and gives 4 points of encumbrance.

A. AgilityAffects melee speed, ranged draw speed, and armor bonuses for LIGHT armor.

V. VitalityHP pool and 2 points of endurance; to match Constitution theme and to replace the old encumbrance. Armor bonuses for HEAVY armor.

A. AlacrityAffects crafting speed and gives a rare chance for players to create higher quality goods. Also increases harvesting of secondary resources. IE: Bark, branches, gossamer.

G. GymnasticsOverall Stamina pool; also increases player jump height and reduces fall damage.

E. EnthrallerAffects your thralls; increases speed, thralls stats when you are in range and online, and determines how many thralls you can place at once.

S. SorceryAffects the damaging components of Corruption, further more ties into magic system when implemented. Increasing duration of spells, increasing cast spells duration, decreasing channeling time, etc.

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