Really struggling to get the motivation now.. Wah

So i started this game a few months ago with a team of 15 people, all friends. When the wipe came we had been having great fun but a few players, maybe 8 , didn't want to start again (we had built a lot in a short time). The next server we tried had cheaters and we lost a couple more. It was down to 3 but all active.. We still (90% me) built an extravagant 25 deck (spread out a bit) base and then.. Another wipe, before we had really got going. Now it's just me; today i tried to create a floating base (yes, i know they are still raidable) at Cresent.. Doesn't work. Now i find that even if i build a solid 4 deck base with three separate parts jump-to, a decoy entrance and use retracted towers to get up (plus some other tricks), it will still be so easily raided, simply blowing the bottom shelter breaks the rest.. So, the bigger the team the more chance of actually getting anywhere fun.. By fun i mean, being able to take a car out of your garage with some ammo and an AR/SG/SR and not worry about losing it, or having a farm and going out to raid. This is always the case but it's even more so now. I'm really struggling to find the motivation. I have 600 hours in game and only played for 3 or 4 months. I love it.. But this is a deal breaker. What's the point? If i don't have a 25 deck mega-base and 15-20 active players then i'll be looting for scrap, cutting down trees and running around for everything else all the time. Nothing feels safe at all and there's nothing i can do about it. Finding bases on the edge of the map is easy.. This wipe blew it, sorry devs.. Bring on the summer. i will quit till then.

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