Really didn’t want to have to report this…PC version is a mess.

So I played the little intro bit, right up to where the demo starts.

Issues right away.

My DS4 Controller, unlike every other game I own, isn't being recognized by the game. KB+M only. The controls for -that- are OK-ish, but confusing, as I can't figure out how to fucking dodge.

Performance isn't awful, but it's not great either.

There's some weird warping going on too. I'm running 16:9, 2560 x 1440p, right? Well for some reason, menus / HUD is scratched. So are Overlays for games. Really weird.

I have a 1080 GTX and with no AA @ 1440p, I get like 90% GPU usage in just the opening area VS the giant claw boss thing. That's insane. A 1080 GTX can run BF1 @ 4K60FPS Ultra on a 64 player server. Disappointing, so far.

I am trying to play with KB+M, but not knowing how to dodge is really obnoxious.

It has a decent set of graphical options, but as said, something funky is going on with the resolution. Despite it "supporting" my resolution…well yeah. It's obviously not.

So, good news is…it runs…and KB+M is playable, but Controller is oddly not…

It has resolution support above 1080p, but at the same time…it's really not. Aspect Ratio is borked.

I figured controllers out.** Disable any Overlay you have, like MSI AFterburner, Fraps, ectera**. It'll fuck with the controller and make it unplayable.

This still doesn't explain why the Aspect Ratio is so messed up in 16:9.

It's like a 4:3 image stretched to fit 16:9. I found out what is wrong – the image is Interlaced, for some reason. i.e, it's 1080i, not 1080p…so it's basically actually like 720p.

Also, I can't record any footage…I recorded 10 minutes in Shadowplay, for some reason it came out as a garbled mess of colors and noise.

Fuck, all I wanted to do today was play this game…but it has issues with running interlaced for some dumb reason…

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