Really Daybreak? How does the playerbase allow this…

The fact that this game just randomly goes down with hardly any notice or information on whats happening is just ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that this maintenance is litterally going to take the 8 hours and it states "there will be no player facing changes in this maintenance". WHAT TAKES 8 HOURS IF YOURE CHANGING NOTHING?!?! Like dear god, Ark did an update lastweek that brought more content than this game has had in the past 2 years. Ark has another patch comming next week that once again outdoes the past 2 years of development on this game. YOU STILL CANT EVEN STAND UP BESIDE A WALL LIKE REALLY????? I CAN CROUCH BUT I CANT STAND BACK UP???? The dev team for this game is either lazy as all hell or they are severely understaffed, there is no reason why updates/maintenance should take 8 hours especially when you have an entire test server. Nearly every other game in this day and age does game updates with next to no server downtime. Something about this game needs to change seriously fast because everytime this happens you lose more and more players and eventually the population will be like a few months ago…. DEAD. Nothing good is bringing players in, just constant bullshit to make people leave one by one.

TLDR ; Ark is amazing but consumes your life so i play h1z1 instead, too bad h1z1 is a complete joke of a game.

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