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So, my guild and I are getting into the game. About a week ago we decided to not wait until release since we can just go ahead and have fun on it. Great. So we get like 10-15 of us on and having a blast. Group dungeons are fantastic the first few times, and the game feels so deliciously old school. Fantastic.

But quickly we start realizing group dungeons can get repetitive and LPs are a rather large gate. Both of those are what they are. So we get to T4, some of us T5. Then we start trying Hell Gates, Chests, and ganking red/black zones. This is my experience so far:

  • Ganking is just people running away on mounts. Dungeon ganking is the only viable option and even then… you have to have very specific builds for it. But generally, even with those builds, it's very unfun.
  • Chests are a numbers game. Once an hour we can roll dice on getting fights, but generally there are 4-5 of us for a chest that solo players try to get. Not a bad investment of our time, but not helping us improve.
  • Hell Gates. Go in, get shit wrecked trying to learn how to PVP, crawl back to our guild island and try again. Not a bad pace, but extremely high learning curve.

So all of this is to day this question: What does progression actually look like in Albion? When can you actually PvP?

Part of me thinks we are getting hella outgeared, as most of us don't have mastery above level 5 or so. So if they have T6 gear plus mastery, we are omega out geared. But honestly we are losing bad enough that gear isn't the sole issue. So now we ask ourselves: How do we practice? How do we learn to PvP and get better?

Mostly a rant, but would love to hear feedback about how you and your guild progressed.

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