Re: Crown Championship: How The Under-16’s Feel Left Out

Just to express I know what I talk about: I know that the reasons for under 16's not being allowed to participate are based on what is legal and what is not.

To introduce myself: I am SaintBelikin, a 15 year old competitive CR player. Countless times I have been crossed off the eSports scene due to either my age or location (UK). ESWC Autumn and Winter both required players to be 16 years of age so even though I managed to 'qualify' for ESWC Autumn, I wasn't able to participate so I didn't try to qualify for ESWC Winter. With events like Northern Arena of August/September time, I wasn't able to participate due to location (it was in Canada and I obviously wasn't going to be able to go there). However, one detail stood out from Northern Arena – under 16's were able to participate and Hazard (15 Y.O. at the time) came second in it, winning 2000$ before tax. His parents were able to claim the money and then sent it to him and labour laws and liaison laws were less strict in Canada than countries like the USA. In addition to this, an event called 'Nor Cal Clash Royale' allowed participants of all ages and took place in California. Again, the prize money was given to the parents of the winners to pass on to the actual winners.

Other concerns about under-16's playing in these would be that they are not mature enough for the competitive environment. However, I disagree and so do many others. If you look at Northern Arena, Hazard and co. were mature, good sportsmanship players and didn't act like immature people. I am a co-leader to Reddit Alpha and Alpha eSports and people often are surprised to find I am a new 15 year old rather than a '26- year old' (to quote a fellow co-leader in Reddit Alpha).

To give a bit of background info on myself, I am a competitive 'all around' player – I play both competitively on ladder and in tournaments. My twitter is @BelikinRoyale if you want to verify the information coming up. I have finished 3rd once and 4th twice in ladder seasons and managed to make the semi-finals of the 100K Reddit Tournament, trained Surgical Goblin for ESWC and told him what to use before every game he played, have finished 3rd and 2nd in the old format of 250 thousand gem tournaments with lvl 3 epics and am known by fellow top players to be one of the best players at any deck there is. However, I cannot attend eSport events despite this strong list of achievements that show I am capable enough to play in it due to me being 15 years old.

I don't believe anything will change due to this argument coming so soon to when the event starts but I hope it sparks a debate that will assist the younger generations to be able to participate in the eSport scene. I also want to hear what Clash Royale have to say about this since they will have already have looked into this idea so will have compelling arguments not in favour of minors playing due to the laws that surround minors in work-related activities.

Finally, I'd like to give a massive thank you to the Clash Royale team for organising this. They didn't have to but they saw the eSports potential and the entire community is very excited to see how this will roll. Good luck to all the participants and the Clash Royale team.

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