Rare NPC and Boss Helms (With Pictures)

Earlier today user u/Newtmore posted a thread about all NPC/Boss Rare Helms, and weapon locations. He wanted the thread to be a “the be-all post for anyone looking for rare items” as the ones listed above. I wanted to contribute with images of helms he has listed so far and also other rare helms not listed there. Hopefully he sees this post and adds the info and images from here to his original post.

Khakkara Ushirodate Kabuto:

-Found in the ‘Ocean Roars Again Mission’ NPC Rev by the Second/Middle Bonfire

Wakan Kabuto:

-Not 100% sure but I think I got it from an NPC in the Spider Boss Mission (sorry forgot actual name of the mission)

Nue Mask:

-Nue Boss Drop

Butterfly Kabuto:

  • Again not 100% sure but I think its from the ship with cannons submission where you fight the ninjas inside the red door. I think its from an NPC that is on the broken ship closet to spawn.

Old Sage Visor:

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-Don’t remeber no leads

Running Water Maedate Kabuto:

-From an NPC in the bathhouse submission. NPC is close to the elevator.

Female Demon Visor:

-Escape From Iga Mission. NPC outside by the far back gate where the crystal is, not inside the crystal room area however.

Horned Turban:

-Give the guy 30 dung balls in the Defiled Castle Mission

Water Buffalo Horn Kabuto:

-Memories of Death Lillies Mission. NPC in the water fall cave.

Tokan Kabuto:

  • Spider Mission, not sure if NPC or drop from boss.

Coiled Snake Kabuto:

-Defiled Castle Mission, NPC by the low water areas/ first section of mission.

Onryoki Kabuto:

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-Onryoki Boss Drop


  • Ramaru revenant before fighting Noh at Honnoji.

Bears Head Kabuto:

-It’s level 1 so my guess is ‘isle of demons’ or mission before. Didn’t encounter it in NG+ in those areas so it might be a one time thing don’t know.

Koreto-hyuga’s Kabuto:

-Forgot, no leads.

Woman’s Face Visor

  • Submission where you have to find 3 kids and kill 3 cyclops.

Fan Maedate Kabuto:

Not sure but possibly one of the last region sub missions.

Flashfire Kabuto:

-No clue how/where I got it.

Rabbit Ear Wakidashi Kabuto:

-Forgot, no leads.

Ichi-no-Tani Kabuto:

-Submission where you where you fight the 2 tengus and Onryoki.

Braided Straw Kabuto:

-Forgot, no leads.

Scorpionfish Kabuto:

-Forgot, no leads.

Hino-enma Kabuto:

-Hino-enma Boss Drop

Bell Flower Kabuto:

  • No clue. My ps4 put it in my invetory when I took the screen shot since both are triangle button.

Rabbit Ear Kabuto:

-Forgot, no leads.

Shuri-no-suke’s Kabuto:

  • Forgot, no leads.

Kame-wari Shibata’s Kabuto:

-Forgot, no leads.

Ogress Mask:

-Ogress Boss Drop.


Giant Frog Spear:

item description:

-Frog Boss Weapon Drop


Edit: Sorry my format is all fucked up, don’t know how to fix it. Got spaces between stuff but it’s not transferring to the post.

Edit: Thanks to u/Silver_Mont u/Tehmud for help with locations.

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