[Rant]441 hours in this game, 127 hours played on official #158, just got wiped by the Chinese abusers using the NEW jumping glitch after i kept sending Funcom warnings about that clan exploiting everything and living INSIDE a rock

The Chinese abusers managed to ruin the game for me, pissing on my 3 weeks project in matter of minutes.
I have posted several videos showing how they live inside that rock, how they use the armor glitch and how they abuse in every single way possible…Funcom did not show a bit of interest into that, no EULA enforcement, no fix for that freaking rock, NOTHING.
Those Chinese will do that to every official because you can not get to them inside that rock so you can not stop their progress. Only way to wipe them inside is to use Mitra, but you need an Yog o top of that because if they built on the upper part of the rock Mitra can not get to them.
Just allowing them to live inside that rock is an affront to the rest of the legit players, it show weakness from your part Funcom.
Our money saved you from bankruptcy, thanks to us you are not looking for a job right now, because of OUR money you can put food on your tables and pay your taxes, show us some respect and deal with those Chinese abusers destroying the fun for us.
There are 3 fixes that cross my mind right now for that cursed rock:
1. Fill the rock so they can not build inside ( the wall facing the relic hunter village is the wall they go in through)
2. Remove the rock completely.
3. Make an entrance to that rock turning it into a cave.
There are solutions but you never ask for them and times goes by and more and more of your playerbase is leaving because you are being passive against the abusers. You sold a lot of copies of the game, hire some more if you can not handle it as you are, do something instead of letting time pass by and the abusers ruining wild.
I understand it is an EA game, i understand there will be bugs, but seriously that freaking rock is there since day 1 and you did nothing to fix it, the "not wearing armor and having the bonuses" is in game from day one and you did nothing against it.
Start acting against the ones who abuse before is not to late.
Funcom, just imagine what IF your game would have been a subscription fee based game, you would had what, 100 remaining customers after 1st month ?Focus less on new content and work harder to fix what breaks the game and ruins the fun for all of us.
Rant over.
P.S: I expect to be downvoted by the most of you, fellow exiles, but i am pretty sure that some of you would agree and are tired of those Chinese ruining weeks of work just because Funcom does not care enough to ban them.

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