[Rant] My Take On “No Skill” Cards and Decks

There are countless posts and comments on this sub complaining about cards taking “no skill” to use, or decks taking no skill to play.

RG is Cancer!! Elite Barbs are OP!! etc.

I really wanted to give my own two cents on the topic, as a pseudo-competitive player.

I’ve played in some Clash Royale Leagues/Tourneys (CRL, RPL, CRCS), and compete on Gamebattles with my clan. I’ve also made about $150 USD off of this game (and spent some of it. Idc that I’m not F2P). I only have 30k challenge cards won, but almost all of these are from 12 win GCs. I say pseudo-competitive, because my name isn’t really out there, and I don’t really focus my life around CR as much as real competitive players.

So, back to the rant.

First of all, Clash Royale is a skill based game. The fact that we consistently see the same players performing well on the ladder, and in tournaments proves this: if the game weren’t skill based, then this type of consistency would not happen. This is also the reason why no decks are “No skill”.The fact that we see the same people performing well, means that they are able to pilot these decks more skillfully than others can.

I believe Clash with Ash phrased this all really well in his tweet: https://twitter.com/Clash_with_Ash/status/839147229130653696

Now of course, there is SOME truth, in saying that “RG takes less skill than Hog” etc.

The way I see it, there are two types of “skills” in this game: micromanagement, and macromanagement.

Micro focuses on the little things, such as pig pushing, pulling units, intercepting the backline of a push, using prediction spells, and small other things like that. Micro is basically tech that you learn from OJ videos.

Macro focuses on the bigger picture: knowing when to push, when to hold back, when to punish, when to pressure the opposite lane, when to pump up, whether or not to allow the opponent to pump up, controlling tempo, among other things regarding the larger battle. Macro is overall decision making, and having a “feel” for the game.

Overall, Macromanagement skill matters far more than Micromanagement does.

When people say things like “Ebarbs take no skill! They just drop 6 elixir on the board, and it kills my whole push! ” They are referring to lack of skill in micromanagement. Ebarbs do not require as much effort or micromanagement skills to use, as opposed to intercepting the backline with a knight, pulling the frontline with a building, and dismantling a push that way. Similar things can be said for RG. This is why people call some cards “no skill”.

Now here is why these people are wrong IMO. These people greatly overestimate the difficulty, and importance of micromanagement. I’m going to use defensive Ebarbs as an example. It’s not that hard for most players to dismantle a push the “skilled” way. Sure, it takes a little more skill than simply dropping Ebarbs, but you certainly don't have to be a genius, and most people know how to do it especially with all of the educational CR videos regarding micromanagement.

What the complainers do not realize, is that it takes just as much macromanaging skill to defend using Ebarbs as it does to defend “skillfully”-the fact that they had 6 elixir to defend your push, and that ebarbs were in hand for defense, means that they had good macro skill. I'm not the best at explaining this, so hopefully you get what I'm saying.

Overall, what I'm trying to get at, is that even if a card or deck takes less micromanaging skill, it still takes just as much macromanagement skill, and is by no means, much easier to use. The skill gap between cards is relatively small.

k that's all folks i am done here thanks 4 reading

btw offensive ebarbs are easy to defend imo even when overleveled

Probably FAQ

Q: your post got downvoted to shit.

A: o fuk.

Q: bad job explaining.

A: sorry lol.

Q:i disagree.

A: ok well i tried my best to convince.

Q: ur probably just a dirty rg user.

A: 😉

Q: how 2 defend ebarbs using archers.

A: Split archers in middle, so that one walks farther away, into the other lane. Drop shit (ice golem, skeles, ice spirit, knight) on ebarbs while archers kill them. The archer split makes it so that even if Ebarbs make it to your archers, they get pulled a farther distance.

Q: rg and ebarbs are common cards, making them easy to over level.

A: well yeah but whatever lol thats ladder for you. just grind challenges and upgrade your own cards.

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