[Rant] Fix Pick Pocketing

pick pocketing is a joke

excluding the cool dreanor thing you implemented pick pocketing is basically worthless

when i pick pocket a mob in legion i get copper yep copper (and thats assuming the mob even has pockets which a surprising amount dont) anywhere from 2 copper upto 78 copper i mean come on you could pick pocket more money from the defias that were in the vine yards in vanilla back in vanilla pick pocketing gave decent cash and would also include lock boxes that you could pick lock for some poisons and other useful things now i get copper FUCKING copper now i can understand if blizz doesnt want this to be a gold farming thing but you could introduce more than copper some examples could be toys, pets, transmog, gear (doesnt need to be good gear but something to DE or sell to a vendor for a couple of gold), order hall resources, artifact power (make it small like from the chests all over the isle's), smoke powder, buff food, single use cosmetic buffs (like noggen fogger or draught of raw magic) anything absolutely anything would be better than getting copper and/or a gray item that sells for copper and so is just taking up bag space im meant to be a rogue a thief an assassin not a warrior who knows how to stealth and uses less Honorable fighting tactics

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