Ranked isn’t a measure of “who is a more skilled player,” but rather “who can game the system better/who is luckier,” and that’s big a problem.

Ranked should be a game mode that measures your skill playing the game against other players but unfortunately it's become a measure of your ability to "play ranked" (i.e., game the system).

For example, if you solo queue you're already putting yourself at such a disadvantage that you won't be able to reliably climb the ranks. Even if you play well you pretty much need to duo queue if you want to advance. If you're not playing the op gods and the other team is, chances are you're going to lose. If you're not in a comm and the other team is, chances are you're going to lose. I'm sure there are other examples of how to game the system but you get the general idea…

Then there's also the matter of being on the unlucky team who ends up with a potato teammate(s) that drags the entire team down even though they shouldn't have been placed into the match in the first place. I've been in too many games that, despite playing well, quickly become unwinnable because my team has the latam(s) who speaks no English and instalocks something dumb like Herc jg and proceeds to feed.

It's frustrating and disheartening to be punished for things out of your control and is definitely a deterrent to playing ranked. Who doesn't love when your progress from a 4 game win streak is instantly wiped out due to things out of your control in your next 4 games? Aside from improving their matchmaking algorithm and expanding the range of criteria that determine your TP gain/loss, I'm not sure what else can fix this.

How else can this be addressed so that Ranked is actually a measure of your skill against other players rather than how well you can game the system?

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