Ranked god leaderboards need to be explained/fixed

So we know that the top 3 players on a god for a ranked mode get gem rewards. This is pretty awesome, free gems and it will potentially get people to play ranked more.

I believe the god leaderboards are based off of elo to a degree, but I think we can all agree that we've seen some very weird cases where someone who has an impeccable win rate and many wins with a specific god is ranked lower than another player with a decent win rate and <10 wins.

I will preface this by saying that I can hold my own in ranked, I am in masters in duel and D1 in CQ (I think I am masters material but I haven't played because my duoQ parter has very bad internet atm.)

So in this next split, partially due to curiosity and partially because I want gems, I am considering throwing a lot of duels (not CQ cuz that'd be too douchey) until I get to bronze V. I will play all of my games with 1 god that never gets banned. Then when I am at the bottom, I will play gods that aren't seen in duel very frequently and get easy wins because I'm matched with very bad opponents. I know this is still a douchey thing to do, but I want to see if it's a plausible to get to the top of ranked god leaderboards for a lot of different gods.

I want to do this mainly to see if the leaderboards are broken (or just how broken they are?) but the gem incentive is there as well. My goal would be to get Hi-Rez to explain the god leaderboards explicitly or take a look at the system and refine it. What are your thoughts on this?

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