Raiding shouldn’t be harder, it should be easier. Hear me out…

At this instance the game leans heavily in favor of those who've leveled enough to afford steel tools & weapons. Then again those who can make explosives then gods.

This means that a certain level you become able to raid at least a good portion of the server. Since there's always going to be players who cannot afford to spend as much time on the game. This makes these players at the mercy of the goodwill of higher leveled players. They have only one way to try and defend themselves… Farm, farm, and farm some more until they unlock and are able to build their base with higher tier walls and doors etc…

On this we can agree right?

So this is what I believe should happen, even these players should be able to raid, at least players of lower or equal levels. Maybe even some bad higher level players.

How do I suggest to do that? Allow players to unlock tools to raid low level bases earlier. Then give earlier access to ways to defend against them. In effect, more tiers of defense and weapons to use against them. More levels of boxes and doors. Make upgrading a tier of defense require tools and resources only available to players of the level to unlock it, and sparse.

Put the highest level resources in the back of caves and PvE raid-targets.

This will create an environment where players need to think about raiding and defending against raiding from the start of a wiped server. Where players almost need to raid other players of similar levels to get to the resources to upgrade their base.

TL; DR: Raiding should be common place out of necessity, but always thinking "is this base worth the cost of raiding?, will it have the resources we need?". Players should be building bases with one thing in mind, "how much will it cost for raiders to get to my precious stuff". Clever base design should be how to best defend against raiders, warrior thralls should hard enough to kill to make them a real issue to deal with, a real deterrent. More tiers of weapons and structures (doors) should make the raiding cycle quicker and for everyone, not just high level players.

PS: When I mean clever design of bases, I don't mean cheap tricks with removing stairs, or double walls "a la Rust", but mostly thinking of the cost of raiding it.

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