Raid loot, biggest upgrade or effort put in?

Lets say your a mythic progression team, not bleeding edge mind you. And your raid group consists of 2 types of players, those who play a lot grinding M+ for AP and titanforge, and semi-casual- those who only do M+ for weekly cache, but both are consistent for raid times.

The dilemma comes in where ppl who farm M+ more are going to perform better because they are more proficient at their class, going to have better gear, and more artifact power. raid drops may be only be minor or smaller upgrades for these people since they put a lot of effort into optimizing their toons outside of raid.

Second type of player are those who don't have a lot of time to invest outside of raid, who do their minimum M+ for the week for order hall cache and daily world quest for AP. They are less optimized because they invest less time, but raid drops are larger upgrades for them because they have generally less.

If you prioritize the hardcore, it gives less incentive for the casual to raid since that's their main focus in the game and primary source of gear upgrades. However, it makes the hardcore feel that their time invested is less worth and valued.

If you prioritize the casual, even though it may increase overall raid performance- it demotivated the hardcore from investing as much time when all the drops go to casuals who do not put in nearly as much time invested and may seek to go somewhere else where they feel is more efficient for them.

TLDR: how do you balance giving drops to people who put more time and effort but are minor upgrades vs more casual people who are bigger upgrades for but do less on outside of raid?

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