Quick and efficient Saisetsu-shin’s Sake farm


Hey there. In case some people didn't know about his, here's a quick tutorial on how to efficiently farm Saisetsu-shin's Sake, getting you 2 Sake every 90 seconds. The mission is called "The Three Angry Gods" and it's located in the Chugoku region. To be most efficient, be sure to equip light armour and one of the lighter weapons, then use a Catwalking scroll to silence your footsteps and a Suppa scroll to make you invisible. These will let you sneak past the enemies if you don't get too close and will make things a lot easier and quicker, but they are not absolutely necessary. Finally you'll want to switch to low stance and you'll want to draw your sword, which will enable you to do fast dashes in quick succession. Then just follow the path I took and after you collected the 2 sake, himorogi outta there, rinse and repeat. Every Saisetsu-shin's sake exceeding 10 will be sent to your storehouse and from there you'll have to move them to your inventory manually in between missions if you run out. They don't refill automatically, unlike Elixirs. Have fun! 😉

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