Quick 2 cents from experience with Early Access.

I have my fingers crossed that this game doesn't go the way of DayZ, considering the games can be compared to each other a lot.

Considering both games stem from an Arma mod to provide the initial experience, I'm hoping this game actually brings back the original purpose of early access. DayZ was a nightmare from the start, and improvements over it's standalone lifespan have been, well, not great.

Ark Survival totally shat on the early access category, with their bullshit DLC move.

If this game can keep making weekly improvements at the rate it's been at, I have high hopes for the game. Features are great, but when more and more features make the game run like shit, people stop wanting to play.

I'd be totally open to having a build selection, the "live" build and a build offering weekly (or even nightly) updates showcasing new optimization techniques, features, reworks, whatever; my point being that if the developer keeps his end of the bargain, I can't imagine anyone NOT wanting to help actually test improvements over the lifespan of it's early access period.

If communication between devs and players stop, that's how early access games die. Don't be like a good portion of early access games. BE THE BEACON OF HOPE PU!

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