Quests Cancellation Tool (WIP, help needed!)

Actually I want to replay one of the twins quests to fight that particular unit. So I looked inside save files if it is possible to do something with them and ended up with that tool:

Save files contains text structure what represents game flags and many of that flags looks like they about finished quest. So this tool scan selected save file and show flags what are set in it. Then you can remove some flags and download modified save file.

I took one of my 100% saves and removed this flags

own_podB own_podC q650/DONE q650_DONE q651/DONE q651_DONE q652/DONE q652_DONE q652_manSleep 

When I loaded modified save I was missing following quests:

  • Vanquish the Bad Bot
  • Sorting Trouble
  • Sorting Trouble 2
  • Sorting Trouble 3

And chapter select was showing what I have 57/60 quests and numbers in the list itself was like all quests are completed. Pod C disappeared and I was able to collect it again in desert (and it was marked as a big red quest area on map). Pod B didn't disappear.

I was able to start Sorting Trouble quest again and completed it. But second quest doesn't appear (I didn't wait for long, maybe I need to do something before next part be available to me?). Same with Vanquish the Bad Bot quest, but all other kids quest was also available there (are they part of the main story?).

At the moment I have no time to play with this tool by myself so I put it online for you. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! BACKUP YOUR DATA! I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THAT YOU WILL MAKE WITH YOUR SAVES AND GAME WITH THIS TOOL! There is no validation and any tag can be removed. How game will react to it I do not know.

On PC save files located in My DocumentsMy GamesNierAutomata. I don't know if it is possible to edit saves on PS4, so if someone know – please comment about it. Also, if you have any info about N:A savefiles structure, please share it also. I tried to google it, but looks like there is nothing about it on the web.

My idea is to make a more user friendly interface where instead of tags you see list of completed quests and can cancel any of it. But for this I need data about meaning of each flags. So if you experiment and get some results – please share!

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