Questions regarding weather I should buy/invest time in this game.

I'm really on the fence with this game for a few reasons, just wondering if someone could clear them up for me.

  1. How grindy is this game? I mean Iv played my fair share of games that require you to grind, runescape/black desert online being the closest ones I can think of but I did get rather bored on runescape, due to the amount of XP you need from level 90+ for one level. Is this game more grindy than that?

  2. Is being solo viable? I mean there is no doubt I will join a guild if I'm investing my time into this game but none of my friends will be getting this game, I tried to get them into it but now they won't be buying it I'm worried it would affect how I go about things are guilds actually helpful and fun to be in?

  3. End game content? I hear the end game is very driven towards PVP which I don't mind at all! But that being said would I be able to compete with people in PVP how much time would I have to invest?

  4. Is there any end game PVE content? As stated from most videos Iv watched a lot of them say the end goal is PVP, are the putting any end game PVE content in? Or is there some end game PVE content?

Any advise on this matters would be helpful! (Sorry about the state of this post on mobile and at work currently)

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