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I started playing video games at the times of Sonic 1 and Streets of Rage, but I pretty much stopped after Playstation 1 and only recently returned to this world. I'm currently a little disappointed with today's difficulty in gaming. Things like "keep without taking damage for 10 seconds and you'll fully heal yourself" like we have in Red Dead Redemption kinda get me furious (although the game is great in every other aspect!). So I have decided to try one of the more difficult games, and my current options include Nioh and Dark Souls 3.

So I decided to watch some reviews, but there's a problem: every single Nioh review seems to compare it against the other "Souls" games, or Ninja Gaiden, or some other game I have never played before. So here comes question 1: is there any Nioh review that strictly talks about the game WITHOUT comparing it to any other game I have never played? I also searched for some Dark Souls 3 reviews, and they all often seem to compare it with other games. As someone who haven't really played most of the recent games, I'm finding it quite difficult to fully understand these gaming reviews!

Question number 2: without comparing Nioh to any other games, how difficult do you think this actually is? I have already understood that grinding experience will really alleviate some difficulty problems, but I'm still kinda in the dark here. How difficult it actually is? Is this "difficult" in a sense of "it takes a while to master, then you'll be good", or is it difficult like "you'll always be dying and replaying stuff until you can pass", or is it "difficult until you find a way to exploit the AI", or maybe "difficulty because the computer reads your input and always cheats on you" or maybe "difficult until you learn the specific move sets of the enemies, like in Mega Man"? How would you describe it?

I really wanted to try one of these more difficult games, but as an adult with a family to feed I'm kinda afraid that this game could be frustrating-difficult and could/would require way more dedication than what I can currently commit without getting a divorce.

Thanks a lot!

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