Question/comment on routes: Am I missing something here? (Spoilers)

I beat route A in about 13 hours and I am on route B up to the point where you go to defend the ship and the big water robot shows up. Up until this point the structure of route B has been nearly identical except for the following

  • you play as 9S (who isn't nearly as fun to play as)
  • your weapons/chips/level carry over and the enemies are higher level
  • there is a tiny amount of added context before boss fights and at the robot kingdom.

Am I going about this right? It feels like I'm just replaying the beginning game with little to no variation. I assumed route B would be a playthrough of Route A with drastic changes or interesting narrative choices (like 9S realizing throughout that it's all Deja Vu or that he had ulterior motives the entire time and was working behind 2B's back).

Is this how the rest of the game is going to be because I don't understand how this game is getting such high praise and being called a masterpiece when I feel like I've just been tricked into playing the same game again with at best slight cosmetic changes, very seldomly.

I apologize if this came off ranty. I do enjoy the game but I dont' want to keep playing the same game over and over again just to see a new still image screen before a boss fight.

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