[Question] For all the adept Captains out there: How the fuck?

How the fuck did you get the experience needed without quitting/giving up? I like to think I am strong-willed, but I joined some half-full servers to Captain Hoys… and my inexperience and lack of confidence (in execution/planning/communicating) is painfully obvious… and, as they should, my shipmates get verbally frustrated and straight up pissed off at times (edit: most times). I know this is an experience-based skill, despite intuition and multi-tasking ability playing a equally major part… I don't think I've ever been in a more counted-on, high-stress, high reaction volume situation in a video game before… it's actually kind of incredible. But, I just wanted to vent a little bit and ask a few questions:

  1. Should I be learning on undermanned ships (to not piss off as many people), or on full ships?

  2. Should I just avoid speaking altogether and focus on the command wheel? It seems like the more I speak, the more of a negative response I get (not about how I sound, just in general).

  3. Should I practice on Hoys, or Galleys?

  4. Any resources you personally have used to learn? Any general tips that worked for you? I understand I can search this, and have, but it'd be nice to use something someone has personally vouched for…

thanks for listening

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