PVP: Let us customize gear/clothing/camos etc!

PvP is being advertised as a tactical PvP (although Ubisoft's understanding of "tactical" has proven to be less than reliable AS OF LATE). But I digress . . . Aesthetic choices with gear, outfits, camos etc is a major, NON-GAME BREAKING, part of tactical choice. Now, I know there has been talk of the PvP having set classes to choose from, but if they make the damn outfits/camo presets fixed for each class without the ability to customize our clothing/gear, before we go into a match, I would be dissappointed.

Now, the major concerns with giving us the option to choose our own look are the rainbow sprites running around in neon lama suits, but perhaps to prevent that while also allowing choices they could give a set of appropriate gear and camo choices for the region where the next PvP map would take place. Sort of like "choose your gear" and have like 60 sec before the match begins. And the selections of gear/camos/outfits would coordinate with the region of the up and coming match.

One of the main things the devs really got right (barring some serious camo and gear inaccuracies) is the diversity gear, clothing, and weapon customization from an aesthetic point of view (yes I know they could have takeb it further and I agree with that). Cutting this aspect out of PvP will not only be cutting the legs out from under some great work they have already done, but it will remove yet another cool tactical aspect from PvP.

Also, think of how amazing it would be to actually have well thought out camo and clothing choices potentially make a difference in hiding from real life opponents rather than getting Santa Blanca x-ray lock-on targeting laser attacked regardless of outfit choices haha

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