PvE and Conan Exiles DO NOT play nice, we PvE’ers at EXULTIO hope this finds the devs before they lose playerbase

This is a desperate cry for priority – EXULTIO (our server) and other PvE servers will continue to suffer if your net code is not addressed.

As a server op of a ranked top (was in the top 100 until I had to roll back twice) server, I ask the development team to focus on the net code of your server. Don’t worry about hair growth, we don’t care. Don’t worry about content, we don’t care. Don’t worry about anything other than bugs… and the god damned net code of your windows (WHY WINDOWS?!) server code.

EXULTIO is PVE server, without griefing, without PVP, and with hopes of zero building destruction. Our focus is for a PvE environment where players can develop their own dungeons that GMs can spawn mobs in for end-game content and rewards. Our goal was less survival and more community building in an ORPG experience. The idea (and your apparent presence of the concept of PvE) exists in theory alone, it seems. When a server has landmarks and large castles without fear of destruction, chaos takes place not in-game, but in server restarts and rollbacks. And that’s much more painful for players that have the mindset of keeping their gear, forts, homes, and guild halls. Now, WE UNDERSTAND THIS IS EARLY ACCESS AND WHAT THAT MEANS, and I don't expect instant gratification to our whims, but I only ask that you make server stability with large numbers of buildings a priority over the ways of ARK and hairgrowth. We are all taking a gamble before you decide the title is ready for public launch.

When my players build our universe, it takes less than 10 hours before data is corrupted. This is SEVERELY upsetting to players, and we’ve spent time apologizing and not playing the game.

Because of our first roll-back, we rewarded our players with a boost in XP and gathering materials… this only made the situation worse. Our servers are hosted with GTX with max CPU priority and 32GB of physical memory. Our hardware isn’t to blame for this as it hasn’t even hit 40% CPU or Memory usage at ANY point, and on behalf of all players, I ask that you prioritize the idea of keeping time spent in-game crafting, fighting, and building as a paramount and priority.

Please focus on data corruption – We will gladly send you all of our corrupt game.DB files for you to tear apart in hopes that you can address these concerns. We will happily point out the failure points we've experienced.

And if you truly don’t give two fucks about this, just remove PvE as a dropdown for server selections and we’ll just chalk it up as another developer jumping the shark.

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