Purchased yesterday and played for 10 hours. First impressions!

Liking most everything about the game, a lot more to offer than most early access titles and that's with just one biome? Great! The deciding factor for me on purchasing was the construction system. I've wanted to be able to build onto and up cliff walls for years on Rust and, while a bit wonky, I am able to do so right away here.

My only gripes are:

CRAFT ALL THE THINGS BUG This known bug with crafting queues that I've seen devs state they hope to address this week. Looking forward to it being resolved!

Component Snapping/Interior Doors I am being driven crazy by trying to secure the one building my friends and I have. It is built a bit odd, (a possible caveat being I am building with the Rust player mindset) but still something that feels like it should be able to be completely enclosed with no problems. This problem was made worse when I realized people could jump onto the roof and get down inside freely so I decided to block it with a doorway…only to be completely unable to place more doors inside. I gave up after an hour or so of trying to properly secure our base and grabbing what iron we had before sealing myself up in a room.

Equipment Degradation Speed This is a big one when it comes to an extended adventure out into some camps/mines, it just feels a bit fast at the moment.

Overall enjoying the game and will spend many hours with it tonight after work trying to secure my current base or relocating to somewhere with more iron! Keep up the good work, Funcom!

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