Punishing players for using high settings.

After watching some gameplay this game has the same problem as other survival like games.

There is no reason to play on any other setting then what is the lowest possible setting.

Example: high graphics: there is a person in a gilly suit on the hill across the map. Impossible to spot with the naked eye for a high settings player. There's too many shadows and grass.

Low grapichs. The person who thinks they are hiding on the hill in a gilly suit is easily spoofed by the player who has grass and shadows turned off. That silly guy is a sitting duck on that hill. What was he even thinking sitting out in plain sight like that.

How do you fix this? Punish low graphics players the same way you punish people who play on high setting. If you want to make it so your game runs on a potato make it so that guy on the hill doesn't even render for the low graphics player.

Some people might say that is harsh but that's how hard people are punished for playing on high setting. I legit can't see that person on the hill so why should someone running the lowest setting be able to.

Or another solution is to force low setting players to render shadows and grass. All the designers have to do is have 2 instances of the game running one high and one low. If you can't see the player on high due to grass and shadows make it so low settings render the same thing. Even if it looks uglier.

If a gilly suit blends in to grass on high it should also do the same thing on low. The gilly suit and grass might look stupid but at least that player knows he is hidden no matter who he is playing with.

Tldr: punish players for using low settings the same way you punish people using high settings.

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