[PTR] Blizzard, please reconsider the cost of the new artifact traits.

I know it's the PTR, and numbers can easily be tuned, but feedback must be given, many times has a dumb decision gone through due to lack of a response from the players.

If you don't know, The new 7.2 artifact traits are going to cost an unbelievable amount of AP. You must consider, that this is AFTER many people went through a MASSIVE grind to reach 54 artifact traits. Many people rushed to it in order to get the relief of being done with this grind. It is absolutely soul crushing that the new traits will cost more than 1-54 so many times over, regardless of AK, it will still be an equal or even greater grind than 1-54, time-wise. We already did this grind, make these new traits easier to get.

This expansion has been all about one exhausting grind after the other. Can you give us a break? Stop giving us these massive grinds.

TLDR: New artifacts cost more than 1-54 multiple times over, time wise it will be an equal or greater grind than the previous one time-wise, people with 54 traits have no relief of being done with the grind even considering AK, rewarded with another soul crusing grind when they already did hundreds of m+, Blizz thinks it's not enough.

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