PSA: Wood farming is a thing in this game, and I think I found a decent spot for it.

If you're like me, and had all of the animal skins, and metal shards to upgrade your inventory items, but needed over 800 wood in order to do so, finding a decent "wood farm" was something I had to find.

Thankfully, i remembered that "Mother's Watch" (campfire you get right after the proving) had tons.

Runs up to the mouth of the "womb of the mountain" take about 5 minutes, and can net around 170+ pieces of wood. I got all my pouches maxed out in about 40 minutes, and find myself still going back when I'm preparing to farm Thunderjaws, to get supplies.

I should also mention that it's a great way to fill up your medicine pouch, as well. There are tons of medicinal plants on the way up to the top of the hill.

The route is fairly simple. The only thing of note is that there is currently a bug in the game such that the gates going up the hill aren't open when you first load into the campfire. You have to actually run away from the campfire, and across a small bridge in order for the doors to be open upon returning. It's okay though. This affords you the opportunity to pick up more twigs (3, in fact) and some elemental plants, as well. Upon returning to the gates, you'll see that the doors are now open. Your first times through, just check everywhere, as you go up the hill. You'll soon get a rhythm, and clear 170+ wood in about 5 minutes.

Sorry that this isn't links to crazy thunderjaw xp farming, but I found it extraordinarily useful, and wanted to pass it along.

Hope it helps,

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