PSA someone is not bad because they don’t follow your “Honor Rules”

I might catch some downvotes for this but I don't care so here it goes.

Tl;Dr Just because you follow the honor rules the community has come up with don't expect everyone else to. Some people play to win not to have honor.

The past few days I've have been getting an influx of angry salt filled messages on Xbox after beating kids in ways that don't follow these "Honor Rules". I've been playing duels and Brawls and every time my partner or myself win a round by throwing somebody off a ledge or 2v1ing them at the end after one of us killed their teammate we get flamed in game chat with "Wow" and most of the time have gotten messages claiming we aren't good and to have more manners.

I'm sorry but after the first round I can tell if someone can or cannot counter guardbreaks and guess what if they can't I'm going to exploit that. That is your fault you can't stop it not mine. Same with positioning if you are going to position your back towards a cliff I'm going to try to push you off it's that simple.

Personally I feel these rules are silly because it makes the game easier because you don't have to worry about positioning which in most fighting game such as this one is a major facet. If both parties want to use these rules and follow them Cool that's fine. However my main problem is people expecting everyone to follow these rules then flaming the ones who by sending them messages saying they are "bad" or to "get good" when in reality they are ones who need to get good because they can't counter GB.

To those who follow these rules and expect others to as well, I'm playing to win not for you to think I'm honorable. There's no honor in a loss.

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