PSA! Please think before sending that hate mail

Something happened to me last night and I just wanted to share this little story.

Last night I fought back and forth with this guy for over an hour. I played 6 different hero's and he played a rep 1 warden. I kept beating him round after round. I even started playing slow because I thought he was new.

After about the 8th match, he pulls out a rep 28 warlord….oh man the lolz. He finally started to put up a fight and we had a couple funny rounds. Finally I invite this guy to a party because I have to know who I've been playing against for the past hour.

He was so mad that he couldn't beat me with warden and was worried I thought he was a "noob" or "worthless garbage." He was afraid to play warlord anymore because I guess he's been getting a lot of salt from people and hate mail. And the thing of it is, he's a kid. Like maybe 12. And he was legitimately depressed and felt shitty about himself for playing warlord. He said that the people constantly telling him to "KYS" and "slit his throat" and giving him death threats made it so the game wasn't fun anymore. Anyways we talked it out and I gave him the "don't give a crud what people think" speech…but it bugged me how upset he was.

I'm no fool, I've been gaming over 20 years. I know, especially in competitive games, there's a lot of shit bags out there. I also understand some of it is just fun and games. But if you are the type to send out legit hate mail, maybe stop and give it a think next time. Because if you send it to old ass me, I'm gonna chuckle that I made you mad enough to waste your time, have a beer and smile knowing I pissed you off. But you could be sending it to a poor kid with depression issues…and that really makes you scum. It's no better than "cyber bullying."

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